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My work with clients


I have a straightforward, creative and relational approach to psychotherapy. I use a mixture of mindfulness, somatic, attachment and polyvagal processes, held within a psychospiritual context.

I work with clients who want to make changes within themselves. Who want something more from their lives. Who want to find or deepen their connection to their essential selves. People who yearn to experience more joy in their lives and to strengthen their capacity to love and be loved. We all deserve to experience love. We can all find our way towards wholeness.

I work with a wide range of clients who find themselves in a great variety of life situations. Whether you are in crisis, feeling overwhelmed or simply want to open more to yourself and the world, I welcome you into this space. I work with deep inner longing, with trauma, disturbance, dissociation and anxiety. I work with spiritual emergence, which can so often border on spiritual emergency and psychosis. I welcome whatever you bring. This space, where together, we can struggle and explore. Where we can strive to get free of that which binds us in order to open to more experiences of love and joy.

I often see clients who have experienced early birth or attachment trauma; those who have experienced childhood sexual abuse and those who are suffering from addictive or compulsive difficulties. 

I am interested in all forms of emergence, becoming and transformation whether that be at the personal or spiritual level. I welcome all those that seek joy, love and hope.

I am LGBTQ+, poly and kink friendly.

I am also able to offer clients TRE, a specific body-based technique that can help release trauma

My background

My first degree was in environmental science. I spent many years as part of the environmental movement, trying to incite hope and healing through connecting with the earth and finding innovative new ways to live in harmony. I co-founded an environmental education charity that used art, performance and multi-media to inspire and inform school children. After choosing to work more in-depth with people, I trained as a Psychosynthesis Psychotherapist, and have been in practice for the past 14 years. I am also a senior faculty member at the Institute of Psychosynthesis where I teach and run experiential groups on MA courses for psychotherapists, counsellors and coaches. I have a long-term interest in mindfulness and Buddhism which certainly informs my practice. In more recent years I have been moving more towards the body and working with the human organism as a whole. Learning to trust the body’s inherent wisdom.

I am nearing the end of a two year training in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy which is already informing my practice as I move more towards the blending of talking therapy with body based touch therapy.


1 hour  /   £80

Appointments are either at my rooms in Cheltenham or, if needed, online. Sessions are usually an hour, weekly.

What to expect

Our first session is a chance for us to explore what you might want from therapy and a  space for you to find out a bit more about what I am like as a therapist, and whether I am a good fit for you. 

Book an Appointment
Tel: +44 7769 839345
115 Promenade
Cheltenham GL50 1NW

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